PCG Group is a specialist in Industrialised Building System (IBS). Our core business is the marketing or IBS which is our PCG Formwork System to the construction and development industry. We also design and build these IBS as well as provide installation services On-and-Off-site.



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IBS Formwork System including custom-made products to meet the client’s requirements.

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Provide an integrated one-stop centre from structure to finishing products in the construction industry and fulfilling every customer's requirement with excellence.

We distribute specialized in various range of steel products and also in precision cutting all metal products.

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High quality and durable precast products, we provides customize precast solutions to fullfill different specification and requirements to our clients.

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We are partner with many brands, to provide customer the best budget and high quality kitchen and bathroom wares.

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We constantly seeking reliable principle supplier in providing wider range of building materials to ensure we are capable of fulfilling customer's requirement.

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Plastic Hollow Panel

The Plastic Hollow Panel is environent-friendly and energy-saving economical and practical for its recycling and will be a new favourite product to replace the timber/bamboo plywood in the construction industry because it's waterproof, corrosion resistance, light weight, good hardness, smooth surface, easy to install and stable property under cold and hot weather condition. It has high strength, tenacity, no breaing, no layering performances in forming all kind of formwork in construction.

This product will gradually replace the wood template in the building, thus saving a lot of wood resources for human, and has a great effect on protection the environment, optimizing the environment and reducing the carbon emission. The hollow plastic building template can be fully recovered and reused by 100% and the zero-waste discharge is really realized, and it will be the revolutionary building material in the 21st century. The application of several patented technologies has more fully improved its utility.

Nano Technology

The Plastic Hollow Panel template is modified by the high-molecular Nano-Technology, and the original "Nano-polymer additive" and the additive can guarantee the toughness of the template while improving the hardness of the template, improve the bending modulus of the template and improve the defects of the traditional plastic building template. The deformation rate of teh template is controlled to be within 2mm, the diagonal is controlled within 0.5mm, and the construction requirement is better met.

High Workability

The Plastic Hollow Panel has scientific structure, stronger strength, good toughness and strong bearing capacity; it can be cut by saw, nailed just same as plywood board, very convenient and simple to use, very fast to assemble, can be reclaimed and no pollution to environment and can effectively reduce engineering costs.