Advantage Of System Design

In today's environmentally conscious society, we are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce waste and provide energy efficient buildings within sustainable communities and PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM provides benefits in the following key areas:

The in-situ casting of units on site and the local availability of ready-mixed concrete supplies reduce transportation impacts.
Just-in-time deliveries and near zero wastage produce an overall tidier site with associated cost savings and safety benefits plus minimum disruption where the site is already partly occupied.
Concrete's thermal mass coupled with correct insulation and boiler design minimizes heating costs and can even reduce air-conditioning requirements, with the resultant benefit for the environment. It is monolithic and accurate structure facilitates airtight construction.
Direct finishes and durable wall minimizes decoration, repair and refurbishment costs. Wallpaper can be directly applied or a skim coat may be used to provide a perfect plastered finish.

The increasing awareness generated by the 'green' movement throughout the world of the need for resource conversation, has stimulated the rise of 'materials management', 'facilities plan' and management 'in organizations.' USING PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM for concrete construction is a primary road to saving one of our most valuable natural resources, our forests. PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM are also the roads to the savings of your financial resources, because lumber price jumps. Meanwhile, the world's lumber shortage continues to deepen.

In order to reduce your construction cost, there is a need to introduce a durable product, namely system formwork.

Reduced the number of roof & floor beams & columns

Beams are hidden inside the slab… Results in quality finish at reduced cost to the developer…
Cost saving for rebar, labor, formwork…
Labor productivity increases, labor rate reduces. Site safety increases..
Material wastage reduces. Progress claim faster
Purchaser perception increases

With reinforce concrete wall concept, your floor slab have minimum beam.

Minimum beams, the slab forming become easily. That make your labor rate drop and form material wastage reduces. Labor productivity is higher. The number of your site workers reduces. The slab forming can be cycled faster, so your super structural work is faster. Your construction period is shortening. Your overhead reduces. Your interest cost reduces. Your financial cost reduces. Formwork casting time shortens, so the number of formwork cycle increases. Formwork material is lesser. Formwork wear and tear is lesser. The lifespan of formwork material increases. Formwork fabrication time is lesser. Your labor rate and formwork rate reduces. Carpenter revenue increases. Labor rate per meter-square reduces.

When your floor height has minimum beam, you may reduce your floor height…
For example, the floor height is 3200mm instead of 3300mm. You have additional cost saving in materials, for example tilling, painting, formwork, rebar, concrete, crane or many other types of machinery, labors and so on….

The straightness of openings doors & windows

The shape of opening is important…. Solid, rigid, durable, stronger

Savings lintels in Various of sizes to cover the openings for doors and windows, e.g. 150mm x 780mm, 150mm x 925mm, 150mm x 1260mm.
Steel doorframe will have option to cast together with system formwork.

Forming 90 degree door lip

Steel doors must have 100mm concrete door lip, concrete door lip concept is extremely important. This concrete door lip will interlock your steel doorframe together with the reinforced concrete wall. This process will further exchange your steel doorframe, because it makes your steel doorframe further solid, It is good for purchasers. They have 90 degree door when they open their door. The purchaser has additional space behind the doorframe.


Reduce Thickness

The purchasers have bigger space. Purchasers feel and see the build up areas of reinforced concrete wall design house is really big.

Example of illusion:
Two numbers of 230mm of party wall + one number of 150mm intermediate wall + one number of 150mm cross wall converting to 100mm thick of RC wall

Description Reinforced concrete wall Brick wall
Wall thickness 100mm + 100mm (90-110mm)x2 layer + (90-110mm)
Finish thickness 204mm -220mm 380-400mm
The difference Extra width 160 mm- 196mm Wastage width 160 mm-196mm
If 15 meter length house Extra 2.94 m2 of space Wastage of 2.94m2 of space
Cross wall finish thickness 102mm -110mm 150mm
The difference Extra width 40mm -48mm Wastage width 40mm -48mm
If 6 meter width house Extra 0.288 m2 of space Wastage of 0.288 m2 of space
Total space Extra 3.228 m2 of space Wastage of 3.228 m2 of space


Standard bath/ WC area: 2.2 m2 x 3.228 m2 of space approximately to 1.5 numbers of standard bath/ WC area.

Using high-rise technology to build landed properties.

Efficiency, rigidity, durability, strength, safety and quality. By changing to concrete wall design and using BRC wall and slab forming, your project will be completed faster of which reduce your construction cost, increase your profit margin, and meanwhile enhances your house quality due to excellent concrete finish.


The repetitive, predictable nature of the tasks involved encourages familiarity with operation, and once training is complete, productivity improves as construction progresses. The minimal requirement for tools and equipment when moving PCG Wall System form further reduces the risk of accidents on site.

Workers Safety Factor Increased. Group insurance reduces. Labor productivity increases for all type of trades due to clean and neat site. The repetitive, predictable nature of the tasks involved encourages familiarity with operation, and once training is complete, productivity improves as construction progresses. The minimal requirement for tools and equipment when moving thesystem form further reduces the risk of accidents on site.

Comprehensive method statements from PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM and a full safety risk assessment enhance safety in PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM Global application. PCG GLOBAL SYSTEM meet all the current Health & Safety construction site requirements. In addition, the superior fire resistance and strength inherent in concrete structures increase confidence in the building itself.